Ethiopian Cargo endorses the use of Opticooler pharma ULDsin their port
Published On 7 Feb, 2018



Ethiopian Airlines has legalized the use of DoKaSch Temperature Solutions Opticooler pharma ULDs in their ports.  According to Ethiopian cargo, they said that its new cargo hub in Addis Ababa was especially focused on the cargo handling of temperature-sensitive goods.

Managing director, Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics Services, Fitsum Abady,  said: “In this fast growing and strongly competitive market, it is important that we offer our customers the best packaging solution for their sensitive cargo.”

While the managing director of DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, Andreas Seitz, added: “Ethiopian Airlines is the most successful African carrier and their hub in Addis Ababa develops very positive regarding the cargo handlings. Therefore, we are very pleased, that we could expand our African network by signing the master agreement with Ethiopian Airlines.”

The Opticooler is equipped with battery powered cooling compressors and heaters as well as a self-regulating temperature control, so that the temperature of sensitive goods, in particular pharmaceuticals such as insulin and vaccines, stay well within range at any point in the storage area.

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