Zakari encourages aviation experts on error-free data
Published On 12 Jan, 2018


During the opening ceremony of the 2nd Aviation Statistical Committee meeting in Keffi, Nassarawa State recently, the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Transportation, Sabiu Zakari, has made demands from the Aviation Statistical Committee, to give précised and authentic information concerning the aviation industry so as to support the nation’s economic growth. He made mention of this while uttering a welcome address at the ceremony.

He made mention that the Ministry was required to create and supply the country’s Aviation data, as well as supervised statistical system, which comprises of  the six major aviation agencies in Nigeria.

According to The Permanent Secretary, he insisted that the Ministry has earned trust and acknowledgement from the public agencies, private organizations and the government, thereby providing reliable statistical data that are extensively used in policy formulation and creations of plans is necessary. “Policy making requires statistical information that is contextualised, well-structured and concise. It is essential that statistical indicators are based on reliable sources that employ appropriate methodologies, that is, the technical and statistical competence to collect, process, and produce accurate data.”

He spoke further that without proper means of entry to adequate information, genuine statistical data, and trained personnel, may fall short of achieving its intended objectives.

He noted that they should inform the need to lay a more fitting statistical foundation so as to aid the emerging needs of system making and to meet the global acceptance standard. He also indicated that the government is aware of the importance of having a preserved, and characterised statistical structure to protect the growth and flow of the industry.

He said the oppositions of a swiftly changing world, especially when it comes to the aviation industry, has brought about the need for plasticity in accepting new methodologies of data production, and therefore imposed the Committee to evaluate all the likelihood to quickly adjust the mechanism of statistical production to support new developments in the industry.

Nevertheless, he motivated the members of the committee to create more strategies to strengthen the productiveness and coherence of Aviation Statistical data production. “To optimise the performance of statistical department of the Ministry, we have recently approved that Customised training for the Planning, Research, and Statistics Department, and all Statistics Practitioners in the Ministry and its Agencies be conducted by the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT), commencing from 15th January, 2018,”he said.

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