Supporters of Ibom deep seaport publicize plans of multi billion naira project
Published On 12 Jan, 2018


The supporters of the Ibom Deep Seaport (IDS) publicized their plans on how to get professional developers and operators for the enforcement of the multi-billion naira project this year.

Means to achieve thousands of direct and indirect employment in the pre-construction, construction and post-construction stages, the supporters of the IDS said the procurement process would proceed this month with the announcement of the requirements for the qualification (RFQ) from creditable private sectors,  port developers and operators.

The developers and operators selected were currently informed that they are expected to expand the IDS in collaborations with the Akwa Ibom State Government and the Federal Government of Nigeria.

In a statement made available to reporters on ground for the event opening, the supporters said the federal government and the Akwa Ibom State Government have reached a critical agreement in the execution of the IDS project.

“The IDS is arguably one of the most promising Public Private Partnership (PPP) infrastructure initiatives in Africa because of the unique and unparalleled investment opportunities it offers international seaport developers, operators, investors as well as its potential for driving inclusive economic growth in Nigeria and the West and Central African sub-region. Strategically located in the South East of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, the approximate coordinates of the IDS scaled from the British Admiralty Chart Number 1387.

“The 2,565 hectares Greenfield port area is designed for New Panamax Class vessels with channel (18.24m); turning basin and berth depth (16.72m) and quay length of about 7.5 kilometres. When fully developed, the container terminals will be able to accommodate up to 13 New Panamax Class container vessels and two very large feeder vessels,” the statement added.

According to the supporters, the IDS are in position to give a value thesis way better to other seaports in the region. Information available suggests that the different seaports presently serving the West and Central African sub-region are reaching saturation and the need for practical options has become scathing for major shipping lines sailing those routes.

Summarizing other advantages of the project, the Ibom supporters said: “The Greenfield site has substantial land available for future expansion. Due to its proximity to target markets in West and Central Africa, neighbouring hinterland countries and major shipping lines calling West/Central Africa, large gateway market size to attract direct vessel services and sizeable transshipment cargo hinterland for feeder shipping network connection, as well as its capacity to handle post and New Panamax vessels at its specialised terminals, the IDS is in an enviable position to emerge as the first major transshipment hub for the region. The transshipment container market for the IDSP is estimated to grow from about 1.2 million TEUs in 2021 to about 4 million TEUs in 2040.”

They made it known that with restricted grounds to expand the existing seaports in Lagos, and the slow state against the development of other ports in adjoining countries, the IDS has offered an ultra-modern deep seaport with modern cargo handling equipment, facilities and systems that can help measure the volume of challenges compelling other seaports across the zone.


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